Why Is Barbecuing So Popular?
Why is Barbecuing So Popular?

Barbecuing is an American tradition. Each year more than 90% of Americans go to or are involved in some type of barbecue. So, Why Is Barbecuing So Popular?

Everyone likes a barbecue

The word barbecue in the English language refers to a social occasion or party where barbecued food is served. Barbecuing is usually done outside and creates a type of meal unlike any other type of cooking.

The grilled smell gets the attention of the pickiest eater and cooking outside lets the smell of barbecue be enjoyed by anyone nearby. By being outside many of the constraints of an inside atmosphere disappear. At a barbecue you can get up and wander around, more people can be present, you can talk louder and you can play games not allowed inside.

Barbecues usually are informal. Since barbecues are held outside and the weather is somewhat unpredictable people dress more informally than an inside event.

Good times are had by all at a barbecue.

Barbecues are cheap

A decent barbecue grill can be had for 100 dollars meaning most families can afford one. Since BBQ s are held outside furniture or the lack of does not really matter.

Meat at a BBQ can be inexpensive and food prep can be done ahead of time so that is easy. The most common foods barbecued are hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs all of which are fairly cheap. Add some buns for the hamburgers and hot dogs it is still a good deal.

While cooking food on the barbecue is not expensive it can be much more delicious than kitchen food. Food just simply tastes better when grilled on the BBQ and being outside everyone can watch or participate.

Barbecuing makes it so easy to cater to different tastes since there is such a wide variety of food that can be served at a BBQ. The most common sides at a barbecue are corn, potatoes, and vegetables.

Barbecuing is so easy

With over 90% of the U.S. population participating in a barbecue every year everyone one has an opinion or favorite story to tell.

Barbecuing food is not difficult, although the chef may not agree!  Mastering the barbecue is fairly straightforward, with some practice and patience it generally is an enjoyable experience.

There are many Barbecue cookbooks on the market and they can be purchased at many places so get yourself one to get you off on the right track. The most popular Barbecue cookbook at Amazon is Meathead Goldwyn’s “Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling“.

The best of all worlds

Barbecuing is so popular in the United States because gives people from all walks of life and all ages a chance to get together and socialize outdoors in an informal atmosphere.

Barbecuing is relatively inexpensive, the food can cater to anyone’s tastes and it is pretty easy to prepare.

Food just tastes better when cooked on the barbecue. People have been cooking over an open flame for over a million years. As well as being fun and a delicious way to eat, cooking this way makes our food easier to digest, which is why we’ve always cooked this way.

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