Avoiding A Bad Barbecue
Avoiding a Bad Barbecue

There is a lot of bad barbecue being cooked. People spend good money on good meat just to end up with a dry, tough meal. By following these tips you should be able to create a tender and flavorful meal for your family and friends and avoid a bad barbecue.

Get a real smoker barbecue grill

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but check out what is online, at your local hardware store or supermarket. The top-selling smoker over at Amazon, as of this writing, is the Masterbuilt 20070910, it has a 4+ rating from the many who are using it.

Having the right equipment from the start will make your life so much easier when barbecuing. When buying your barbecue choose one that has vents in the top and bottom so that you can control the cooking temperature. It will also need to have a cover. If it is a charcoal-burning grill it should have a grate to stack the charcoal on and a way to get the ash out of the bottom while the meat is cooking so it doesn’t smoother the fire.

Smokers come in different types and use different types of fuel but with some practice, they will all turn out a good barbecue, you don’t need an expensive barbecue, particularly when you are first learning. Find a grill that fits your needs, use it for a season or two, at which time you will probably have a much better idea of what type of grill is going to work best for you.

This wouldn’t happen with a Masterbuilt 20070910!

Learn the low and slow method of grilling

With practice, you will find that the best barbecue will take a while to cook, hours. Leave yourself plenty of time to cook your meat. You can cook at a hotter temperature but your meat and meal will suffer.

It is best to have your meat get done early and save it in the oven or the side of the grill until you are ready than to rush it and have it tough on the inside and burnt on the outside.

Use a rub on your meat

You can make your own rub or buy it at the store but use some seasoning. Keep your rub simple until you have some experience and a better idea of what tastes good to you. Some people might complain if your meat is too spicy, few will complain if it is not spicy enough. You can always serve sauce or seasoning on the side so those who want it can add their own.

Find a good book

There are many books and magazines about outside barbecuing. You can find them at the supermarket, bookstore, or online.

I would go to Amazon.com and search for barbecue books, then choose one that looks good to you or choose one based on popularity. The best-selling barbecue book at Amazon right now is by Meathead Goldwyn, titled “Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling“. A good book should provide recipes, tips on cooking, and techniques for creating a great final product.

You have spent the time, effort, and money to entertain your family and friends why not give yourself the best chance of success.

Follow these steps:

  1. Right equipment
  2. Low and slow cooking
  3. Use a rub
  4. Get a book

Enjoy your barbecue.

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